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Our traditional simple syrup, made with Demerara sugar. This raw sugar provides the base for the perfect simple syrup. Notes of Toffee, Caramelized Sugar, and Prune.

Mix with

• Old



Bourbon Vanilla

One our most versatile simple syrups. Made with real Madagascar vanilla, this syrup provides the base for a sweet Old Fashioned, Vanilla Bean martini, or morning coffee. Notes of aged vanilla, natural molasses, and slight sweet bourbon.

Mix with

•  Old Fashioned

• Coffee


One of our most popular syrups. This sweet berry, known for its wild growing bushes, gives this simple syrup the most flavor bursting energy. Notes of wild huckleberry, antioxidants, and year-round happiness.

Mix with

• Moscow Mule

• Margarita


This floral simple syrup is brewed with real lavender buds, and blue pea flowers to create a beautiful purple hue. This syrup works great with many different clear spirits, coffees and teas! Notes of lavender bud, sweet sugar, and fresh bloomed flower buds.

Mix with

• French 75

• Gin Cocktails

Toasted Marshmallow

This sweet simple syrup is perfect for that dessert cocktail, coffee and baking. Make a s'mores martini, elevated espresso cocktails, mudslide, and more! Notes of vanilla bean, toast, and a gooey campfire favorite

Mix with

• Espresso Drinks

• Dessert


Mango Habanero

One our newest additions to our simple syrups. This spicy, yet sweet syrup helps to create that perfect spice desired for bloody mary's, spicy margaritas, and anything else with a kick! Notes of ripened mango, spicy habanero, and sweet heat.

Mix with

• Spicy Margaritas

• Bloody Mary's

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